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Mueller Spells Out Trump’s ‘Multiple Acts’ to Undermine Russia Probe“We concluded that Congress has authority to prohibit a president’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice," he said in his report sent to Congress on Thursday. The 448-page report summarizing Mueller’s 22-month investigation cited actions including Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey and efforts to have former Attorney General Jeff Sessions take control of the investigation.

4/18/2019 3:40:25 PM

Thousands of Peruvians say goodbye to ex-president following suicideGarcia shot himself in the head on Wednesday to avoid arrest in connection with alleged bribes from Brazilian builder Odebrecht, in the most dramatic turn yet in Latin America's largest graft scandal. Friends, allies and leaders across the political spectrum paid homage to Garcia at the headquarters of his APRA party, one of Latin America's oldest political parties, and one which twice helped usher Garcia to the presidency. Vizcarra ordered flags to be flown at half mast at the country's Congress and other public buildings to honor the ex-President and former lawmaker.

4/18/2019 2:16:28 PM

How Did Notre Dame Come to Be So Neglected?With Notre Dame still smoldering, French President Emmanuel Macron promised to rebuild the great cathedral and called for donors. France’s luxury industry led the way, with Bernard Arnault, the billionaire founder of the LVMH fashion conglomerate, promising 200 million euros ($226 million) and Francois Pinault of rival fashion group Kering 100 million euros. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo offered money from city coffers and promised to organize an international donor conference.

4/18/2019 7:10:43 AM

Driver with STAYUMBL license plate, notorious for cutting people off around Durham, charged in incident with busThe STAYUMBL license plate is notorious on the road and social media. Folks say the driver behind the wheel will speed up, cut people off and then slam on her brakes, sometimes causing a crash.

4/19/2019 6:15:19 AM

Portugal says all 29 dead in bus crash were GermanLISBON, Portugal (AP) — All the 29 people killed in a tour bus crash on Portugal's Madeira Island were German, Portugal's foreign ministry confirmed Thursday.

4/18/2019 6:30:57 AM

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: I invited Barr to the Bronx to talk climate change. He said no.Ocasio-Cortez continued to tease a Kentucky Republican lawmaker for backpedaling on his invitation for her to visit the Bluegrass State.

4/18/2019 7:49:44 AM

Bereft Catholics to be greeted by 'ephemeral wooden' Notre-Dame in front of the charred originalCatholics and tourists who can no longer approach Notre-Dame after Monday’s devastating fire will be consoled by an “ephemeral cathedral” made of wood until the stricken cathedral reopens, its chief priest has announced. Notre-Dame’s 12 million annual visitors will still be able to marvel at Europe’s most visited historic building from the outside, but Monseigneur Patrick Chauvet said for the faithful something more was needed. “We mustn’t say ‘the cathedral is closed for five years’ and that’s it,” he told CSNews TV. The prospect led him to ask the question: “Can I not build an ephemeral cathedral on the esplanade (in front of Notre Dame)?” Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, has backed the idea, he said. The wooden “cathedral” will host priests who will be able to address the crowds during reconstruction works, which President Emmanuel Macron said wanted to be complete within five years. As experts continued to assess the damage to the building, which lost its roof and “forest” of ancient wooden beams, along with its famed spire, President Macron led a day of tribute to the Paris firefighters who saved the Gothic edifice from collapse and rescued its treasures from the flames. They were to be awarded a special gold medal for “bravery and devotion”. Later, Paris town hall will stage a ceremony in the firefighters’ honour, with a Bach concert, two giant banners and readings from Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. More than 400 firefighters took part in the nine-hour fight to save the 12th-century cathedral.  Despite a delay reportedly due to a computer glitch in the fire alarm sending security agents to the wrong part of the cathedral, its iconic towers, rose windows, huge organ and artworks were saved thanks to the quick and valiant work of Paris firemen. The building was only minutes from burning to the ground in a "chain-reaction collapse", said Jose Vaz de Matos, a fire expert with France's culture ministry. Miraculously, no one was killed in the fire, which occurred during a Mass. “The worst has been avoided,” said Franck Riester, the culture minister. But he warned that there was still a risk of collapse of three weak spots. “The main structure is out of danger but three areas remain fragile,” he told BFM TV. While the upper level and northern gable had been secured overnight, the western gable between the two bell towers remains “extremely weakened”, he warned. Another weak spot is the corner of the southern belfry, where the intense heat from the fire had turned the stone “crumbly”. The vault is also not out of danger. “Scaffolding will be installed to remove the debris from the vault because if it rains, water will gather and weigh down on it,” he said. With around €900 million (£780m) already donated to rebuild the cathedral from around the world, officials warned that fraudsters are taking advantage of the Notre-Dame fire to fool well-wishers into handing over cash. The French Heritage Foundation, which has so far collected more than €13 million from individual donors, said: "A number of scams have been flagged to us both in France and abroad.” It urged people to donate only to official sites.

4/18/2019 10:55:58 AM

2020 Lincoln Corsair PreviewnullAll-New 2020 Lincoln Corsair Gains Interior Glamour and Tech Lincoln unveiled its all-new Corsair at the New York International Auto Show this week, replacing the MKC luxury compact SUV. But thi...

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Read the Mueller report: The full Trump-Russia investigation documentThe Mueller report has been released, with 400 pages of slightly redacted material detailing special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.While attorney general William Barr has said that the report found no evidence of collusion between Donald Trump's campaign and Russia in that effort, plenty of questions remain.Beyond collusion, the investigation looked into whether the president sought to obstruct justice by firing former FBI James Comey over his investigation into Russian meddling — a firing that spurred the creation of the Mueller investigation itself.The report was delivered to Congress on Thursday morning shortly after Mr Barr conducted a press conference in Washington, where he doubled down on his decision to declare that there was insufficient evidence of that obstruction. That decision came even though he said the report found ten potential instances where obstruction occurred.Mueller report by on ScribdAfter being released to Congress, the report was made available on the special counsel's website. That website, and the report, can be accessed here. The Independent's live blog of the report can be found here.While the Mueller report made available publicly has been redacted for various reasons, Mr Barr said on Thursday that he would make an un-redacted version of the report available to Congress.The redacted version, he said, will have notes indicating why information was kept back. But, he also said that the White House did not assert executive privilege.

4/18/2019 11:16:00 AM